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  • Chet Haase

    Chet Haase

    Android and comedy. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Danny Preussler

    Danny Preussler

    Android @ Soundcloud, Google Developer Expert, Goth, Geek, writing about the daily crazy things in developer life with #Android and #Kotlin

  • Nicklas Jensen

    Nicklas Jensen

  • Kirill Rozov

    Kirill Rozov

    Tech PR Manager at Surf, Android Developer, GDE, creator of androidbroadcast.dev

  • Murat Yener

    Murat Yener

    Code geek, Developer Advocate @Google

  • Kevin Galligan

    Kevin Galligan

    Partner at Touchlab: https://touchlab.co. Kotlin GDE. Very much into Kotlin Multiplatform.

  • Arkadii Ivanov

    Arkadii Ivanov

    Android Engineer @ Badoo

  • Romain Boisselle

    Romain Boisselle

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